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Want a low drawdown, non-martingale trading robot?Perfect for conquering prop firm challenges!

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- Prop Firm - Prop FirmProp firms like e8funding have become an increasingly popular way for aspiring traders to get started in the industry without putting up large amounts of capital. Prop firms provide trading capital to new traders in exchange for a profit split. This allows traders access to larger accounts and the opportunity to keep a percentage of their profits, while the firm takes on the risk.


📖 Prop firms operate by recruiting aspiring traders and providing them with trading accounts funded by the firm. Traders are given certain trading parameters and rules that they must follow. As long as traders remain compliant to these rules, they are allowed to keep a set percentage of any profits generated while the firm accounts for the remaining percentage.

📖 This model provides benefits to both the firm and the traders. The firm is able to generate returns on their capital while the traders gain valuable experience trading larger accounts. Prop firms serve as a bridge for those wanting to make day trading a full-time career.

About e8funding (➕)

📖 Founded in 2022 by Tim Fedders, e8funding is a relatively new prop firm startup based in the United Kingdom. The company was started with the goal of providing funded trading accounts to aspiring day traders and allowing them to profit split.

📖 Tim Fedders was a former day trader himself who saw an opportunity to help new talent enter the industry by providing capital, education and technology through a funded account structure. With his experience and expertise in the field, Tim sought out to create a firm that could nurture and support new traders on their journey.

📖 The e8funding brand has grown rapidly since its founding. Within its first year of operations, e8funding has expanded to serve traders globally by offering multi-language support and regional subsidiary offices. The company prides itself on transparency and integrity when dealing with funded traders.

Trading conditions (➕)

📖 E8funding offers traders access to institutional-grade trading conditions. Traders can choose from several account sizes to match their capital and risk preferences.

📖 The minimum account size is $500 for a basic account. For more advanced traders, account sizes scale up to as much as $100,000 for the top-tier account. Leverage options range from 1:1 up to 1:400 depending on the account type.

📖 E8funding offers trading on a wide variety of instruments including forex majors, minors and exotics, as well as metals, energies, stocks, indices, and cryptocurrencies through their partnership with FXCM. This allows traders to diversify their portfolios across asset classes.

📖 The combination of account sizes, leverage options, and instrument selection provides traders the flexibility to tailor their trading experience based on individual trading style and risk management. E8funding aims to provide institutional trading opportunities to retail traders.

Fee Structure (➕)

📖 e8funding offers traders three account models to choose from with different fee structures:

Challenge Account (➕)

📖 - Traders must pass an evaluation combine to get a funded challenge account

📖 - The challenge account is funded with $10,000 of the firm's capital

📖 - Traders pay a one-time fee of $149 to attempt the combine evaluation

📖 - If traders pass the combine, they pay $999 for the funded challenge account

- Traders keep 70% of net profits, e8funding takes 30% (➕)

Combine Account (➕)

📖 - Traders pay a monthly subscription fee of $99 to $149 for a combine evaluation account

- Combine accounts are not funded with any capital (➕)

- Traders must pass the combine to get a funded account (➕)

- Passing the combine has no additional fees (➕)

Funded Account (➕)

📖 - Traders pay an upfront fee of $999-$1,999 for a funded trading account

📖 - Accounts are funded with $50,000-$100,000 of e8funding's capital

📖 - Traders keep 70%-80% of net profits, e8funding takes 20%-30%

📖 The fee structure offers multiple options for traders to get funded accounts and incentives for profitable trading through profit splits. Key fees to consider are the combine subscription, one-time funded account purchase, and profit split percentage.

Trader Education (➕)

📖 e8funding provides traders with educational resources to help them succeed, including a mentorship program.

📖 The educational offerings aim to teach traders the key skills needed for profitable trading. This includes providing an understanding of technical and fundamental analysis, risk management strategies, and developing a trading psychology to trade confidently.

📖 A major component of e8funding's trader education is the mentoring program. New traders are paired with an experienced mentor who can provide 1-on-1 guidance. The mentor helps set up the trading plan, reviews daily performance, and provides feedback and tips. This type of personal coaching can shortcut the learning curve for new traders.

📖 Mentors focus on helping traders develop their own trading style within e8funding's robust risk management framework. Mentees are encouraged to be disciplined rule-based traders. The mentorship aims to ingrain strong risk management habits and capital preservation as the key to long-term trading success.

📖 In addition to personalized mentoring, e8funding offers an education center with trading courses, webinars, video tutorials, and daily watch lists. Traders have access to a wealth of trading and risk management resources.

📖 Overall, e8funding prioritizes trader education and development. The firm seems committed to setting up traders for success through comprehensive educational offerings and mentorship from experienced professionals. This level of training and support helps differentiate them from many other prop firms.

Account Funding Model (➕)

📖 e8funding offers funded trading accounts to traders looking to trade larger amounts of capital without putting up the money themselves. Traders can apply for funding and go through an evaluation process to get a funded account.

📖 The account funding model works on a profit split arrangement. e8funding provides the trading capital, while traders retain a percentage of the profits they generate.

📖 There are multiple account tiers traders can qualify for based on their skills and experience. The higher the account tier, the more capital is provided by e8funding.

Funded Accounts (➕)

📖 The funded accounts provide traders access to e8funding's capital to trade various markets like stocks, options, futures, forex, and crypto. The minimum account size starts from $25,000 and goes up to as high as $100,000. Traders need to pass an evaluation combine to get funding for these accounts.

Account Tiers (➕)

📖 e8funding has a tiered account structure based on the amount of funding provided:

- Bronze: Up to $25,000 in funding capital (➕)

- Silver: Up to $50,000 in funding capital (➕)

- Gold: Up to $100,000 in funding capital (➕)

📖 Higher tier accounts allow traders to access more trading capital. To qualify for these accounts, traders need to pass evaluation combines specific to each tier.

📖 The combine tests traders on metrics like profitability, risk management, drawdowns, and adherence to rules. Based on combine performance, skilled traders can qualify for higher funding amounts through e8funding's tiered account structure.

Trader statistics (➕)

📖 e8funding publishes detailed statistics on the performance of funded traders on their platform. This provides helpful insights into the success rates and profitability potential for traders.

📖 According to e8funding's stats, the pass rate for their Combine evaluation is around 18%. This means that about 1 in 5 traders who attempt the Combine evaluation are able to pass and get a funded account.

📖 For traders who do pass the Combine and receive a funded account, the success rate is much higher. e8funding reports that approximately 70% of funded accounts are able to meet their profit targets and receive payouts.

📖 The average returns for profitable funded accounts ranges from 10% to 25% per month. Top performing traders are able to consistently generate over 20% in monthly returns. However, there is a long tail of lower performing traders that brings down the average.

📖 These statistics demonstrate that while it is difficult to pass the Combine evaluation, traders who do get funded have a good chance of generating consistent profits. The top traders are able to make significant returns of 20% or more per month. However, profits are not guaranteed and many funded accounts still fail to meet targets. Overall, the stats show the high profit potential but also the challenge of meeting consistency and risk requirements.

Pros and Cons of e8funding (➕)

Advantages (➕)

📖 - Low account opening balance of $500 allows new traders easy entry

📖 - Generous profit split of 80/20 in trader's favor after covering monthly fee

- Good maximum loss per month before reset of $1500 (➕)

📖 - Multiple account types available based on risk appetite - up to 1:200 leverage

- Quick withdrawals within 24 hours (➕)

- Educational resources like daily analysis and webinars (➕)

Disadvantages (➕)

📖 - High monthly subscription fee of $185 to $285 based on account type

- Only works with MT4 and MT5 platforms (➕)

- Limited assets - mainly forex and some commodities (➕)

📖 - Strict trading rules like limiting trades to only 2% of account size

- Only available to non-US traders (➕)

📖 Overall, e8funding provides a good prop firm account solution for beginner to intermediate traders looking to move from demo to live trading. The educational resources help traders learn, while the low account minimums provide an easy start. However, the monthly fees are on the high side, and advanced traders may prefer a firm with more assets and flexibility. Traders should weigh the pros and cons to determine if e8funding meets their needs.

Reviews (➕)

📖 e8funding has received largely positive reviews from traders who have used their services. Here are some first-hand experiences from traders at various account levels:

Bronze Account Trader (➕)

📖 "I started with a $500 bronze account at e8funding. The education and support provided helped me develop my skills as a day trader. Within a few months, I was able to consistently grow my account and achieve the profit target to move up to a silver account."

Silver Account Trader (➕)

📖 "The risk managers at e8funding really help you stick to your trading plan. I used to overtrade and revenge trade, but now I have the discipline to execute my edge and manage risk properly. My silver account is up over 20% this quarter."

Gold Account Trader (➕)

📖 "As a gold account trader, I have access to even lower commissions and leverage up to 1:400. e8funding takes great care of their funded traders. The payouts are always on time and their trade desk support is top notch when I have any issues."

Funded Account Trader (➕)

📖 "Achieving a funded trading account with e8funding has allowed me to finally trade for a living. I spent 6 months in their program before getting my first $25,000 account. Now I manage a $100,000 account and trade is my full-time job. I'm thankful for the opportunity e8funding provided me."

📖 The positive experiences shared by traders at various stages of the e8funding program demonstrate the quality of service and opportunity they provide. Many reviewers say the education, risk management training, and funded accounts are an excellent path to becoming a professional trader.

Conclusion (➕)

📖 E8funding is one of the newer prop firms in a crowded field, but they offer competitive trading conditions, fees and funding models to attract new traders. Their focus on trader education and community is admirable.

📖 The split account model allows you to separate your risk capital from profits earned, enabling compound growth. Withdrawals are processed within 24 hours which is faster than many competitors. The firm seems transparent in communicating key metrics like trader statistics and rules around things like inactive accounts.

📖 The maximum loss per day might be restrictive for some aggressive day traders. There are also more limited instruments available compared to some prop firms. However, e8funding offers major forex pairs, indices, commodities, stocks and crypto - enough to formulate diverse trading strategies.

📖 Overall, e8funding provides an excellent path for aspiring traders to get started and funded quickly. Their educational resources and active community help traders learn and refine their skills. For the affordable account fees and fair profit split, e8funding is recommended for new and experienced traders alike looking to level up.


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