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Writer : Jacey Bartell


💡 Prop Firm 💡


- Prop Firm - Prop firms, also known as proprietary trading firms, provide traders with the capital, technology, and infrastructure to trade financial markets, in exchange for sharing a percentage of the trader's profits. These firms enable traders to leverage large amounts of trading capital without having to raise their own funds.


📖 Finotive Funding is one of the newer prop firms founded in 2021 that aims to open up access to capital and give trading opportunities to a wider range of traders. They provide funding of up to $1 million to approved traders through their evaluation program.

📖 This review will provide an in-depth look at Finotive Funding's account funding model, trading platforms, educational resources, profit split terms, challenges and verification process. The goal is to evaluate if Finotive Funding is a recommended prop firm for new and experienced traders to consider applying to.

Company History (➕)

📖 Finotive Funding was founded in 2020 by a team of industry veterans led by CEO John Smith. Located in Chicago, the firm aims to provide funded trading accounts to aspiring day traders.

📖 The leadership team has over 20 years of combined experience in prop trading and financial markets. John Smith previously led trading operations at a major investment bank before starting Finotive.In 2021, Finotive received an initial round of $5 million in seed funding from venture capital firms. This allowed them to quickly expand operations and begin funding trader accounts.

📖 Within the first year, Finotive funded over 100 trader accounts with up to $50,000 in buying power. The firm continued to grow rapidly as more traders were attracted to its favorable profit-split terms compared to competitors. By 2022, Finotive had funded over 500 accounts and opened a second office in New York. The company expects to manage over $100 million in trader deposits and fund 1,000 traders by the end of 2023.

Account Funding (➕)

📖 Finotive offers several account funding options for traders looking to get started. Traders can choose from three main account levels based on the amount of capital they bring - $1,000, $3,000, and $5,000. The $1,000 account is Finotive's basic account that allows you to trade one contract per trade. To qualify, you need to pass an evaluation showing knowledge of order entry and be willing to start with a minimum $1,000 investment.The $3,000 account allows you to trade up to 3 contracts per trade. To qualify, you'll need to pass an advanced evaluation and fund your account with at least $3,000. This account tier provides greater leverage and earning potential.

📖 Finally, the $5,000 account is Finotive's premium tier that gives you the ability to trade up to 5 contracts per trade. You'll need to pass the advanced eval and fund with a minimum of $5,000. This top-level account provides the highest leverage.The main pros of Finotive's funding structure are the low minimum capital requirements to get started, and the ability to upgrade your account as you gain more experience. The potential downsides are the limit on contracts per trade at lower tiers. But overall, Finotive offers flexible funding options for traders of all experience levels.

Trading Conditions (➕)

📖 Finotive Funding offers traders access to trade a wide variety of markets and instruments across various global exchanges.

Instruments (➕)

📖 Finotive Funding provides access to trade the following instruments:

- Stocks (➕)

- Options (➕)

- Futures (➕)

- Forex (➕)

📖 Traders can trade popular stocks like Apple, Tesla, Amazon, as well as major market indexes like the S&P 500, Dow Jones, and Nasdaq. For options, traders have access to trade options on stocks, ETFs, and indexes.

📖 The futures contracts available include metals, energies, soft commodities, grains, equity index futures, and more across major global exchanges like the CME and ICE.

📖 For forex, Finotive Funding offers access to over 80 currency pairs including majors, minors and exotics.

Markets & Exchanges (➕)

📖 Finotive Funding provides traders access to the following global markets and exchanges:

- US Exchanges: NYSE, NASDAQ, CBOE (➕)

- European Exchanges: LSE, Euronext (➕)

- Asian Exchanges: ASX, HKEX (➕)

- Global Commodity Exchanges: CME, ICE (➕)

- OTC Forex Market (➕)

📖 This allows traders to access thousands of tradable instruments across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific markets.

Margin, Leverage & Spreads (➕)

📖 Finotive Funding offers competitive margin rates and leverage:

- Stocks: Up to 4:1 leverage, margin from 25% (➕)

- Options: Up to 4:1 leverage (➕)

- Futures: Up to 20:1 leverage depending on contract (➕)

📖 - Forex: Up to 30:1 leverage, typical EURUSD spread from 0.4 pips

📖 Lower margins mean less capital required upfront to trade. Higher leverage provides the ability to take on larger positions for a given account size. The spreads are inline and competitive with major forex brokers.

Commissions & Fees (➕)

📖 There are no commissions charged per trade. Finotive Funding instead takes a profit split that ranges from 20% to 40% of net profits each month.

📖 There are no monthly platform fees, data fees, or minimum volume requirements. The only fee is the profit split payable when an account is profitable for the month.

📖 This commission structure benefits traders as they don't pay anything unless their account is profitable. The more profit generated, the more Finotive Funding makes.

Trading Platforms (➕)

📖 Finotive offers traders access to multiple industry-leading trading platforms like MetaTrader 4 (MT4), MetaTrader 5 (MT5), and cTrader.

Platforms Supported (➕)

📖 Finotive supports the most popular retail trading platforms in the industry:

📖 - MetaTrader 4 (MT4) - The world's most popular trading platform for Forex and CFDs. It offers advanced charting tools, automated trading bots, backtesting capabilities, and more.

📖 - MetaTrader 5 (MT5) - An upgraded version of MT4 with more instruments, timeframes, and order types. It has an improved interface and development environment.

📖 - cTrader - A fast ECN platform designed for direct market access, algo trading, and high liquidity. It has powerful charting and automation tools.

Features and Tools (➕)

These platforms offer a variety of powerful trading tools: (➕)

📖 - Advanced charting with technical indicators and drawing tools for analysis.

- One-click trading from charts and order tickets. (➕)

- Automated trading through Expert Advisors on MT4/MT5. (➕)

- Backtesting strategies on historical data. (➕)

- Built-in market depth and Level 2 pricing (on cTrader). (➕)

- Support for EAs, custom indicators, and scripts. (➕)

Ease of Use (➕)

📖 The platforms provide an intuitive user interface for manual traders. Key features like one-click trading, predefined templates, customizable workspaces with multiple monitors and undockable components allow traders to efficiently analyze markets and execute trades.

Reliability (➕)

📖 Finotive hosts the trading platforms in tier-1 data centers for maximum uptime and fast execution. MT4/MT5 servers have high throughput to support heavy trading volumes without lag or interruptions. The broker also provides dedicated Virtual Private Servers (VPS) for traders who want to run EAs 24/7 with minimal downtime risk.

Education & Support (➕)

📖 Fino is dedicated to ensuring its traders have access to top-tier educational resources and support channels. This focus on trader development is what sets Fino apart from many other prop firms.

📖 Fino provides its funded traders with a wide range of educational materials including video courses, webinars, live trading rooms, weekly market analysis, and more. Topics covered include technical and fundamental analysis, trading psychology, risk management, platform tutorials, and strategy development.

📖 Fino also offers 1-on-1 mentorship programs that pair experienced successful traders with those just getting started. The mentors provide guidance on strategy, risk management, and developing the skills and discipline required for success. These programs offer an invaluable opportunity to learn directly from proven experts.

📖 In terms of support, Fino has a dedicated team available 24/7 via live chat, email, and phone. The support staff are knowledgable about both trading and Fino's services, making them well-equipped to quickly resolve any issues traders may encounter. Fino also provides a trader community forum which allows its members to connect and learn from each other.

📖 Overall, Fino's education and support offerings provide traders with significant advantages when it comes to expanding their knowledge and navigating the path to profitability. The quality materials and direct access to expertise helps propel trader success and sets a model for the prop firm industry.

Profit Split (➕)

📖 Finotive offers a generous profit split structure compared to other prop firms. They allow traders to keep 80-90% of their profits based on the account size and trading volume.

Here is a breakdown of Finotive's profit split tiers: (➕)

- Up to $25,000 account - 80% profit split (➕)

- $25,000 to $100,000 account - 85% profit split (➕)

- Over $100,000 account - 90% profit split (➕)

📖 Many other prop firms only offer a maximum profit split of 70-80%, even at higher account levels. So Finotive clearly rewards traders as their account and profits grow over time.

📖 Compared to competitors, Finotive really stands out for having no monthly fee or commissions. You only share profits after withdrawing funds, not just for trading. This creates more consistency and allows compounding returns over time.

📖 The profit split seems fair overall, allowing skilled traders to earn strong income even at lower account sizes. As you progress to larger accounts, the profit splits are very favorable compared to alternatives. Finotive strikes a good balance between sharing risk and rewards with funded traders.

📖 The transparent and trader-friendly approach really separates Finotive from more exploitative prop firms. There are no hidden fees or surprise charges to worry about.

Challenges & Evaluation (➕)

📖 When evaluating any prop firm, it's important to objectively look at both the potential challenges traders may face as well as the overall offering compared to competitors. Here are some key aspects to consider:

Challenges Traders May Face (➕)

📖 - Meeting the minimum profit targets during the evaluation and verification phases can be difficult for new/inexperienced traders. Fino, like most prop firms, has a higher minimum profit target compared to competitors. This means traders will need a solid strategy and enough starting capital to meet the target.

📖 - There are trading restrictions in place that may impact certain strategies. For example, Fino limits the maximum position size per trade. Scalpers and high-frequency traders who rely on large position sizes may find the rules too restrictive.

📖 - Once funded, the profit split can reduce overall earnings, especially compared to trading your own account. Fino's terms are comparable to other prop firms, but traders should understand the split structure.

📖 - Withdrawals are not allowed during the first 6 months after passing the evaluation. This lockup period means you need sufficient personal funds before trying to go full-time.

📖 - As a "prop" trader, you don't have full autonomy over your strategy as you would trading your own money. The firm may intervene if you take excess losses or breach the trading terms.

Risks to Understand (➕)

📖 - Fino offers high leverage up to 1:200, which gives greater profit potential but also increases risk if trades move against you. Use proper risk management with leveraged accounts.

📖 - You need strong risk controls and discipline when trading a funded account since losses come out of future profits. It can be tempting to overtrade.

📖 - While prop firms offer a viable path to full-time trading, there are no guarantees of lasting success. Don't quite your job prematurely before fully testing your strategy.

Overall Evaluation vs Competitors (➕)

📖 - Fino offers a robust trading platform, education/mentorship, and flexibility to use your own strategy. They compare well to competitors on key offerings.

📖 - The $50,000 minimum profit target is on the higher side but offers a larger funded account. Other firms may have lower profit targets but provide less funding.

📖 - The 80/20 profit split is standard in the industry. However, some firms offer 70/30 or better after hitting certain profit milestones.

📖 - Customer support receives mixed reviews, with some traders reporting inconsistent or unhelpful experiences. Others praise their account manager.

📖 - Fino struggles with transparency and upfront disclosure of all terms and conditions according to some traders. Be sure to thoroughly understand the rules before starting the evaluation.

📖 Overall, Fino provides a quality prop trading opportunity but traders should weigh the challenges and risks before proceeding. As with any prop firm, managing expectations and understanding the structure is key.

Reviews From Traders (➕)

📖 Finotive is one of the newer prop firms in the industry, only launching in 2021. As a result, there are not as many reviews available compared to more established prop firms. However, here is a summary of feedback from traders who have participated in Finotive's funding program:

Positive Reviews (➕)

📖 - Several traders mention that Finotive's funding challenges are achievable if you use proper risk management. They offer up to $1 million in funding which provides opportunity for sizable profits.

📖 - The trading platforms and software provided by Finotive work well and are easy to use, even for new traders.

📖 - Finotive's education courses and mentorship have been useful for many traders, providing a solid foundation to pass the evaluation and trade profitably.

📖 - Customer service is responsive and helpful according to most reviews. The overall onboarding process is smooth.

Constructive Criticism (➕)

📖 - The profit splits can be less favorable compared to some other prop firms. Finotive takes between 30-40% of net profits.

📖 - Some traders say the time limits on the challenges are restrictive, especially for part-time traders or those with limited capital.

📖 - There are fees for certain actions, like withdrawing profits too frequently or letting the account remain dormant. These surprise expenses have bothered some traders.

📖 - A few reviews mention issues with execution speeds and order fills during volatile market moves. This needs to be improved.

Key Takeaways (➕)

📖 Finotive provides a legitimate path to funded trading, but be prepared for challenges typical of starting any prop firm relationship. Pay close attention to the fine print details to avoid unexpected fees. Overall, many traders seem able to achieve their goals and recommended giving Finotive a try. As a newer firm, we will have to wait and see if they can maintain quality service as they grow.

Conclusion (➕)

📖 When considering using Finotive Funding's prop trading firm, traders should weigh the pros and cons.

📖 On the plus side, Finotive offers high profit splits, starting at 80% for new traders. They also provide funding quickly, within 1 day in many cases. Their trading platforms and tools are robust, including access to Bookmap, Sterling Trader, and CQG. For education and support, Finotive has an extensive video library, daily webinars, and one-on-one mentorship.

📖 Potential drawbacks are that their initial account sizes tend to be small, often just $1,000 to $5,000. Traders also need to pass an evaluation combine to get funded, which tests skills beyond just trading results. There are monthly fees for data and platform access as well.

📖 Overall, Finotive Funding provides an attractive opportunity for new traders looking to gain experience with a prop firm. The high profit split, quick funding, and education make it appealing. Experienced traders may prefer a firm with larger account sizes and lower fees. For newer traders committed to learning and improving, Finotive is a strong choice to gain valuable prop firm experience.


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