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Want a low drawdown, non-martingale trading robot?Perfect for conquering prop firm challenges!

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Writer : Laila Gleason


💡 Prop Firm 💡


- Prop Firm - FTMO is a prop trading firm that provides funded trading accounts to aspiring and experienced traders. Prop trading firms like FTMO provide capital to traders to trade the markets, while taking a percentage of the trader's profits as payment.


📖 Prop firms act as a middleman between traders and brokers/banks. They provide the funding, technology, infrastructure and support for traders to focus on trading. Traders pass an evaluation to prove they can trade profitably and then receive a funded account to trade.

📖 The model benefits both the prop firm and the trader. The firm profits by taking a cut of successful traders' profits. Traders benefit by getting capital to trade, leverage, low trading costs, and support services. They get to keep most of their trading profits.

📖 FTMO aims to identify and work with consistently profitable traders. The firm provides everything a trader needs to trade, from capital to platforms to community. The trader focuses on trading and FTMO focuses on verification, technology, infrastructure and education. Together they share the upside.

📖 Over 25,000 traders have passed FTMO's evaluation process. The firm has funded over $350 million in trading capital across 70+ countries. FTMO aims to democratize trading by providing funding and support to profitable retail traders.

Benefits of Trading with a Prop Firm like FTMO (➕)

📖 Trading with a prop firm like FTMO offers many benefits compared to trading on your own. One of the biggest benefits is access to trading capital through funded accounts without having to put up your own money. Once you pass FTMO's evaluation, you can receive a funded account with up to $100,000 to trade with. This removes the pressure of risking your own capital and allows you to focus purely on executing your trading strategy.

📖 Another major benefit is the education and coaching FTMO provides. They offer video courses, webinars, and one-on-one mentorship to help traders improve their skills. You get access to daily trade ideas and can learn directly from some of the best traders at FTMO. This level of training and support can greatly accelerate your progress compared to learning on your own.

📖 Additionally, trading through FTMO gives you access to a global community of traders. You can network, discuss ideas, get feedback on your trading, and more in FTMO's forums and chat rooms. Collaboration with other successful traders can provide tremendous value in further developing your own abilities.

📖 Overall, the combination of funded accounts, education/coaching, and a trading community makes prop firms like FTMO an attractive option for new and experienced traders alike. The benefits allow you to focus on your trading strategy while leveraging the capital, knowledge, and connections of an established firm like FTMO.

FTMO Account Funding Requirements (➕)

📖 To get funded by FTMO, traders must pass an evaluation and verification process. This involves completing a Challenge account under strict risk management rules.

📖 The FTMO Challenge requires traders to grow a $10,000 account to $20,000 within 30 days, while adhering to the following parameters:

- Maximum drawdown of 10% (➕)

- No single trade can exceed 2% of the account balance (➕)

- Use a minimum of 10 trades to pass the evaluation (➕)

📖 Once the Challenge is passed, traders must complete a verification period. This involves growing a separate $100,000 account to $150,000 within 30 days. The same risk rules apply.

📖 Throughout the evaluation and verification, traders are prohibited from adding more funds to the account. The minimum profit target must be achieved purely through trading.

📖 FTMO enforces these strict risk management rules to ensure funded traders are capable of managing risk responsibly with larger accounts. Adhering to the maximum drawdown parameters requires effective risk-reward ratio management and stop losses on trades.

📖 The Challenge rules are designed to develop good habits around limiting position sizing, diversifying trades, and avoiding overleveraging. These skills are vital for lasting success in trading with real capital.

📖 Overall, the FTMO verification requirements aim to provide funded traders with a solid foundation in responsible risk management. Mastering these concepts is key to trading profitably over the long run.

Trading Instruments and Platforms (➕)

📖 FTMO offers traders access to a wide variety of markets and trading instruments. Traders can trade major, minor and exotic currency pairs in the global Forex market. Some of the most popular Forex pairs include EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF, USD/CAD and AUD/USD.

📖 For stock traders, FTMO provides access to trading thousands of stocks and ETFs listed on major global exchanges like NYSE and NASDAQ. You can trade big tech stocks like Apple, Microsoft, Facebook as well as other sectors.

📖 If you are interested in trading futures, FTMO gives you access to popular futures products like E-mini S&P 500, E-mini Nasdaq 100, Crude Oil, Gold, Silver, Corn, Wheat and more.

📖 The primary trading platforms supported by FTMO are MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5). Both platforms allow you to conduct technical analysis, execute trades quickly, use Expert Advisors for algorithmic trading and more. MT4 and MT5 can be accessed via desktop, web and mobile.

📖 Overall, FTMO provides traders access to a diverse market offering covering forex, stocks, futures and more. By supporting MT4 and MT5, traders can use familiar and advanced trading platforms to access global markets and trade their strategy.

FTMO Evaluation and Verification (➕)

📖 FTMO puts all funded traders through a rigorous evaluation and verification process to ensure traders are following risk rules and trading plans.

Account Monitoring (➕)

📖 Once a trader passes the FTMO challenge and is granted a funded account, FTMO closely monitors the account activity and performance. They have a team reviewing trades in real-time to ensure risk rules are followed and no overleveraging or uncontrolled losses occur. FTMO can intervene and pause accounts if risk parameters are violated.

Trade Journaling (➕)

📖 Funded traders are required to maintain a detailed trade journal with their strategy, setups, entries, exits, and reasoning behind every trade. These journals allow FTMO to understand the trading plan and logic. Lack of journals can result in account suspension.

Verification Requirements (➕)

📖 Traders must also record videos of their trading activity and send to FTMO upon request. Screenshots of positions and orders may also be requested randomly to verify adherence to the plan. Funded accounts can be withdrew if traders are unable to validate trading activity matches their journals.

📖 The rigorous oversight aims to protect capital while giving skilled traders the freedom to trade independently with a large account. FTMO puts funded traders through stringent monitoring to align incentives and ensure compliance.

FTMO Community and Education (➕)

📖 The FTMO community provides valuable educational resources and a place for traders to connect. This includes:

📖 - Forums - The FTMO forum has sections for general chat, prop firm trading discussions, platform configurations, daily analyses, and more. New and experienced traders can exchange ideas, ask questions, and get insights from others in the community.

📖 - Blog - FTMO's blog covers trading psychology, risk management, technical/fundamental analysis, and other topics to help traders improve. Experienced traders contribute articles and actionable trading tips regularly.

📖 - Webinars - FTMO hosts free webinars for learning directly from professional traders. Past topics include trading psychology, chart patterns, using indicators effectively, and trading specific markets like crypto or forex.

📖 - Daily Analysis - FTMO traders provide daily technical and fundamental analysis of major markets like S&P 500, gold, oil, forex pairs, and cryptocurrencies. This teaches traders how to analyze price action and events impacting markets.

📖 The FTMO community connects new traders to experienced mentors and provides an abundance of trading education resources. Between the forums, blog, webinars, and daily analyses, traders gain valuable skills and knowledge for developing their trading consistently with FTMO.

FTMO Costs and Fees (➕)

📖 Traders who want to get funded by FTMO will need to pay certain fees to participate in the program and profit from their trading. Here are the key costs associated with trading through FTMO:

Challenge Fee (➕)

📖 To get started, traders need to pass an evaluation "Challenge". The fee for this evaluation ranges from $49 to $289 USD depending on the account size you want to trade. For example, the fee is $49 for a $5,000 account, $99 for a $10,000 account, and $289 for a $100,000 account. This Challenge fee gets you 1-2 attempts to pass the evaluation and get your account funded.

Profit Split (➕)

📖 Once you pass the evaluation and get your real money trading account funded by FTMO, they take a profit split of your trading gains. For the first $10k in profits each month, the split is 80% for you and 20% for FTMO. For any additional profits above $10k per month, the split changes to 70% for you and 30% for FTMO.

Withdrawal Fees (➕)

📖 FTMO accounts come with a monthly withdrawal limit equivalent to your account size. So for a $50,000 account, you could withdraw up to $50,000 each month with no additional fees. If you want to withdraw more than your monthly limit, there is a withdrawal fee of 2% applied.

📖 The key fees to consider are the one-time Challenge fee and the ongoing profit split. Overall the fees are competitive compared to other prop firms. And successful traders can earn substantial income even after the profit split.

Is FTMO Right for You? (➕)

📖 Trading with a prop firm like FTMO can be an attractive option for aspiring and experienced traders alike. However, it's important to have realistic expectations and consider whether it's a good fit before jumping in. Here are some key things to consider:

Experience Required (➕)

📖 FTMO does not require prior professional trading experience to open an account. However, you will need to demonstrate solid trading skills and consistency in order to pass their evaluation and verification phases. It's recommended to have at least 6 months to 1 year of trading experience before attempting the FTMO challenges. Having a proven track record of profitability will significantly improve your chances of success.

Time Commitment (➕)

📖 Trading with FTMO requires a serious time commitment. To pass their evaluations, you'll need to be actively trading during market hours and dedicating sufficient time to market research and analysis. Expect to spend 20-40 hours per week actively trading and preparing. This is essentially like having a full-time job. Make sure you have the availability in your schedule.

Realistic Expectations (➕)

📖 While the potential profits of trading a funded account are enticing, it's critical to have realistic expectations. Many traders fail the FTMO challenges on their first few attempts. You should expect an evaluation pass rate around 25-35% for most traders. Don't assume you'll achieve maximum profits right away. Be prepared to prove yourself with smaller amounts first. Consistency and discipline are key.

📖 The FTMO challenges are designed to be difficult to filter out traders who aren't ready. Come in with an understanding that it will take hard work, persistence, and continual learning. But the rewards can be well worth it for those able to demonstrate skill as a trader over time.

Getting Started with FTMO (➕)

📖 Getting started with FTMO is easy if you follow these steps:

1. Open an Account (➕)

📖 The first step is to open a free FTMO account on their website. Click "Open Account" and fill out the registration form. You'll need to provide your name, email, password and accept the terms and conditions.

📖 Once your account is created, you can explore the FTMO dashboards and see the available challenges.

2. Select a Challenge (➕)

📖 Browse the list of challenges on the dashboard to find one that fits your trading style and account size goals. For example, FTMO offers a $100k forex challenge and a $1M stock trading challenge.

📖 Review the challenge details like the maximum drawdown allowed, profit target, and account fees. Pick a challenge you are confident you can pass.

3. Prepare to Trade (➕)

📖 Now it's time to prepare for your evaluation. Set up the MT4 or MT5 trading platform and ensure you can access the markets you intend to trade.

📖 Analyze your trading strategy and practice with a demo account. Stick to your strategy, manage risk, and trade your plan during the evaluation.

📖 When you're ready, fund your account and start the verification timer. Trade successfully to pass the evaluation and verify your trading skills.

What's Next? (➕)

📖 Once verified, you can access your funded trading account and keep your profits! FTMO takes no commissions and you can withdraw earnings. Happy verified trading!

Summary of Key Points on FTMO (➕)

📖 FTMO is leading prop firm that provides funded trading accounts to aspiring day traders. The firm offers the opportunity to trade with significant capital without high risk or upfront costs.

📖 To get funded, traders must pass an evaluation by trading a demo account profitably under specific rules. Once approved, traders receive a funded live account and keep a large percentage of their profits.

📖 FTMO provides advanced trading platforms, instruments, and an active community to support trader success. The verification and evaluation process ensures only skilled traders receive funding.

📖 While prop firm trading has risks, partnering with a reputable firm like FTMO can give you the capital and tools to succeed as a trader. The firm vets traders thoroughly to identify those able to trade profitably.

📖 If you have the skills and mindset to trade well under pressure, FTMO offers an excellent path to pursue trading for a living. The firm's leading technology, education, and active community provide an ideal environment for funded traders.

📖 With hard work and consistency, trading with FTMO capital can help you achieve your trading goals and earn an income from the markets. If you're ready to take your skills to the next level, consider applying to trade with FTMO.


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