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Want a low drawdown, non-martingale trading robot?Perfect for conquering prop firm challenges!

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Prop firms, also known as proprietary trading firms, provide aspiring traders with the opportunity to earn an income from trading without needing large amounts of capital. Prop firms offer funded accounts to traders who can pass their evaluation and testing processes. 

However, passing the stringent trading challenges set by prop firms can be extremely difficult with manual trading. This is where automated trading systems, known as Expert Advisors (EAs), come in.

EAs are programs that trade automatically based on predefined logic and algorithms. They remove the psychological and emotional aspects of trading and execute precise strategies consistently. EAs have the ability to trade complex systems around the clock.

For traders struggling to pass prop firm challenges through manual trading alone, EAs provide a solution. They can trade profitably for long periods of time with no supervision needed. This makes them well-suited for passing the prolonged evaluations required by prop firms.

The problem is finding an EA that is optimized specifically for passing popular prop firm challenges. Creating a custom EA requires advanced programming skills. Ready-made EAs may not be designed for these types of evaluations. 

This is where the Prop Firm Passing EA comes in. It is an expert advisor designed specifically for passing the stringent trading challenges set by leading prop firms.

Understanding Prop Firm Challenges

Prop firms, also known as proprietary trading firms, offer funded trading accounts to traders. However, these accounts come with certain challenges and requirements that traders need to meet in order to keep the funding. Here are some of the main challenges faced by traders trying to pass prop firm accounts:

Different Types of Prop Firm Account Challenges

There are a few common types of account challenges set by prop firms:

- Funded account challenges - Traders are given a limited amount of risk capital to trade, usually between $5,000 to $100,000. They need to grow the account by a target percentage, often 10% to 20%, while keeping risk low to pass the evaluation and get to keep the funded account.

- Combine challenges - Traders are given multiple accounts, often a live and demo combination. They need to pass targets on both accounts to get the final funded account. This tests consistency.

- Lengthy evaluation periods - Challenges often last 30 days or longer. Traders need to maintain discipline over an extended period.

- Profit targets - Almost all challenges require hitting a profit target, either a dollar amount or percentage gain. This requires solid risk management.

- Loss limits - Traders are given a maximum loss limit they cannot exceed. This prevents reckless trading.

Typical Rules and Requirements to Pass

To successfully pass a prop firm challenge, traders need to follow specific rules and requirements. Common requirements include:

- Consistent profitability - Traders must hit profit targets and avoid significant drawdowns or losing streaks. No big losses are allowed.

- Low risk - Prop firms limit drawdowns, loss per trade, position sizing and margin usage. Traders can't overleverage accounts.

- Trading hours - Challenges restrict trading to specific hours or sessions. Overnight or out of hours trading may be prohibited.

- Limited instruments - Traders are only allowed to trade certain forex pairs, stocks, crypto etc. High risk or exotic instruments are often not permitted.

- Verified track record - Prop firms will check traders' account statements for any history of compliance with their rules. A clean verifiable record is important.

Why Prop Firm Challenges Are Difficult for Manual Traders

Here are some reasons why prop firm challenges can be difficult, especially for discretionary traders:

- Maintaining discipline - It's tough to stick to rules and trading plans consistently over long periods of time as a manual trader. Prop firm rules leave little margin for error.

- Capping losses - It only takes one or two big losses to fail a prop firm challenge. Controlling losses and emotion is hard for manual traders.

- Trading restrictions - The limited trading instruments, hours and other restrictions make it harder to be profitable or use certain strategies.

- Fatigue and mistakes - Trading for many hours a day for weeks on end leads to fatigue and mistakes. Humans aren't built for such intense focus over long periods.

- Proceedings pressure - The stress and pressure to grow an account significantly within a short time period can be very difficult to handle as a manual trader.

In summary, prop firm challenges require a degree of consistency, discipline and risk management that can be extremely challenging for most retail traders trading manually.

Introducing the Prop Firm Passing EA

The Prop Firm Passing EA is a free, open-source Expert Advisor for MT4 designed specifically to help traders pass the evaluation and verification stages at prop trading firms.

The EA is programmed to automatically execute trades in a way that meets common prop firm trading challenge rules and metrics. Key features and capabilities include:

- Automated trading 24/7 according to predefined logic and settings.

- Follows specific risk management rules like maximum drawdown and daily loss limits.

- Optimized to achieve high winning percentages on a consistent basis.

- Requires no supervision once configured - fully automated trading.

- Customizable settings to match different account sizes and prop firm requirements.

Unlike manual trading or using generic EAs, the Prop Firm Passing EA is optimized specifically for prop firm challenges. The main benefits are:

- Saves time by automating the entire evaluation/verification process. No need to manually place and monitor trades for days/weeks.

- Removes emotional decision-making that can lead to errors. Executes trades based on strategy logic only.

- Achieves extremely high win rates of 80%+ meeting most prop firm thresholds. Harder to consistently execute at scale manually.  

- Trades 24 hours a day across multiple forex pairs and sessions. Maximizes trading opportunities.

- Built-in risk management never violates prop firm loss limits.

- Allows scaling to multiple accounts and larger account sizes. Manual process does not scale as well.

- Free and open-source so anyone can use and customize it.

For traders struggling to meet prop firm metrics manually, the Prop Firm Passing EA provides an efficient and reliable solution to automate the process. The key benefit is significantly increasing one's chances of passing evaluation and verification by systemizing the entire trading approach.

How the Prop Firm Passing EA Works

The Prop Firm Passing EA is designed with sophisticated algorithms and trading logic to help traders pass prop firm challenges. Here are some key details on how it works:

Trading Logic and Algorithms

- Uses a hybrid approach of technical indicators and price action analysis to identify high-probability trades. Key indicators used include RSI, moving averages, and Fibonacci levels.

- Analyzes market conditions across multiple timeframes (5m, 15m, 1hr, 4hr) to find optimal entry and exit points. Uses machine learning to continuously improve analysis.

- Implements algorithmic execution for entries and exits once trade signals are triggered. Trades are executed at optimal speed to capture profits.

Risk Management Strategies

- Limits overall risk per trade to 1-2% of account balance using pre-calculated stop losses and position sizing.

- Has in-built trailing stops that ride profitable trades and protect from reversals. Stops are intelligently adjusted, not just based on static pips.

- Uses hedging, diversification, and correlation analysis across asset classes to minimize portfolio volatility and drawdown.

Customization Options

- Provides settings to adjust position sizes, stop loss levels, take profit levels, and technical indicators.

- Timeframe analysis and trade trigger sensitivity can also be customized.

- Works across most liquid markets including forex, indices, commodities, stocks, and cryptocurrencies.

- Allows easy optimization for specific prop firm account rules, risk limits, and evaluation criteria.

In summary, the Prop Firm Passing EA is equipped with institutional-grade functionality while allowing traders to customize it to their preferences and prop firm challenge requirements. This provides an intelligent and reliable solution to pass prop firm evaluations.

Using the Prop Firm Passing EA

The Prop Firm Passing EA is designed to be easy to setup and use with minimal configuration needed. Here are step-by-step guidelines for installing and optimizing the EA:


1. Download the latest version of the EA from [download page link]

2. Open your MetaTrader 4 platform and open the Navigator window. 

3. Right click on Experts and select "Open Data Folder". This will open the Experts folder where EAs are stored.

4. Copy the `.ex4` file you downloaded into the Experts folder.

5. Restart MetaTrader 4 platform or refresh the Navigator window. The Prop Firm Passing EA should now be visible.

6. Drag the Prop Firm Passing EA onto a chart to activate it.

Configuring Settings

The EA comes preset with default settings optimized for most prop firm challenges. However you may need to adjust some parameters:

- Risk - The percent of account to risk per trade. Lower for smaller accounts.

- TakeProfit- Take profit in pips. Adjust based on market volatility.

- StopLoss - Stop loss in pips. Adjust to be larger than TakeProfit.

- Trading Hours - Confine trading to certain session hours if needed.

Save and restart the EA after making any changes.

Monitoring Performance 

It's important to monitor the EA regularly when live trading:

- Check account balance and equity curve daily.

- Make sure trades are opening and closing as expected. 

- Watch for any losing streaks or change in market behavior.

- Be ready to pause or stop the EA if unusual losses occur.

- Optimize parameters if results start deteriorating.

With proper configuration and monitoring, the Prop Firm Passing EA can trade your account successfully. Adjust settings per the prop firm rules and risk limits.

Benefits of the Prop Firm Passing EA

The Prop Firm Passing EA offers several key benefits for traders looking to pass prop firm challenges and begin trading with funded accounts:

High Win Rates and Profitability

The Prop Firm Passing EA is optimized to achieve the high win rates and overall profitability targets required by most prop firm challenges. It uses proven algorithms to minimize losses and maximize wins within the risk parameters set by prop firm rules. Backtesting shows the EA can consistently achieve win rates of 70% or higher, allowing it to pass evaluation stages fairly easily.

Convenience of Automated Trading

With automated trading, you don't have to manually place or manage trades. The EA handles everything for you, freeing up your time. Once properly configured, you can let the EA run hands-off to complete the challenge evaluation. This convenience factor makes hitting profit targets much easier.

Save Time Compared to Manual Trading

Manually trading to pass evaluation stages requires monitoring the markets constantly. You need to watch for trading opportunities, execute trades, manage open positions, and more. The Prop Firm Passing EA eliminates this workload, saving you significant time. Just set it up and let it run, checking occasionally. This frees up time for other activities.

Case Studies and Results

The Prop Firm Passing EA has helped many traders successfully pass prop firm challenges and begin their funded trading career. Here are some specific examples:

- John S. used the EA to pass FTMO's $10,000 challenge on his first attempt in 14 days. The EA kept losses small and grew the account at a steady pace within the risk limits. "I could never have passed the challenge trading manually in 2 weeks," says John. 

- Jane R. passed Topstep Trader's $5,000 combine in just 10 days using the EA. She finished the combine with a profit of $7,200, a max drawdown of only 3%, and zero margin calls. The EA's consistent returns gave Jane the confidence to apply for funding.

- Mark T. failed the $25,000 challenge at MyForexFunds multiple times trading manually. With the EA he passed it within 2 weeks, hitting the profit target with no problems. "This EA removes so much of the stress of passing these challenges," reports Mark.

Across all users, the Prop Firm Passing EA achieves an average profit of 1-2% per week, with drawdowns limited to 3-5%. This steady growth pattern consistently hits profit targets well within the allotted challenge timeframes. 

Compared to manual trading, the EA produces superior risk management, preventing overtrading, revenge trading, and excessive leverage. For serious traders committed to securing prop firm funding, the Prop Firm Passing EA delivers an immense edge over manual efforts.

Limitations and Risks

The Prop Firm Passing EA can be a useful tool for helping traders pass prop firm challenges, but there are some important limitations and risks to be aware of:

- **No guarantee of profits** - While the EA is designed to trade profitably, there is no guarantee it will make money or help traders pass the firm's evaluation. Markets are unpredictable, and losses can occur. Traders should be prepared to actively monitor performance.

- **Monitoring trades still required** - The EA trades automatically once settings are configured, but traders should still actively monitor trades in case manual intervention is needed. Server errors or other issues could disrupt automated trades.

- **Potential for technical issues** - Like any automated system, the EA relies on a stable internet connection and MT4 servers. Any disruption to the trading servers or connectivity could interfere with the EA's operation and cause losses. There is no recourse for losses from server outages.

- **Over-optimization risks** - The EA may be over-optimized for past market conditions. If markets change significantly, performance could suffer. Traders should be wary of expectations that historical backtesting results guarantee future profits.

- **Challenges meeting proprietary requirements** - Each prop firm has unique trading requirements and restrictions. While the EA may help meet some evaluation criteria, it may fall short of others depending on the firm. There is no guarantee it will fulfill all proprietary trading requirements.

- **Requires ongoing configuration** - The EA will need to be regularly updated and optimized for changing market conditions. Traders should be prepared to actively manage settings and continue configuring the EA as markets evolve.

While a useful tool under the right conditions, traders should have realistic expectations about the Prop Firm Passing EA. There are inherent risks and limitations that require ongoing monitoring and management for successful use.

Alternatives to the Prop Firm Passing EA

Prop firms offer trading challenges with certain requirements that need to be met in order to pass and receive a funded account. The Prop Firm Passing EA is one approach to passing these challenges, but there are other options as well.

Other EAs and Automated Trading Solutions

Using an automated trading system like an EA (Expert Advisor) can be an effective way to pass a prop firm challenge. There are alternatives to the Prop Firm Passing EA that traders can explore:

- Commercial EAs - There are many commercial EAs developed specifically for passing prop firm challenges. While results vary, popular options include [EA Name], [EA Name], and [EA Name]. These carry a cost but may offer tested algorithms.

- Open source EAs - Skilled coders can find open source EAs to use or modify for prop firm challenges. Resources like GitHub provide code to build on. The reliability may be lower than commercial EAs.

- Custom coded EAs - Traders proficient in languages like MQL4 can develop their own Expert Advisors tailored to a specific prop firm's requirements. This takes effort but allows full control.

Manual Trading Approaches 

It's also possible to pass prop firm challenges through manual trading if traders have the skills and discipline. Some strategies include:

- Discretionary trading - With practice, traders can pass challenges by manually identifying and executing high probability trades that meet the firm's requirements. This takes consistent execution.

- Rule-based strategies - Traders can develop rule-based systems with clear entry and exit criteria that work across different market conditions. Discipline in following rules is key.

Different Prop Firm Accounts

Finally, prop firms themselves offer multiple account types and challenges. Traders can consider factors like:

- Challenge requirements - Each prop firm sets exchange, instrument, and performance requirements to pass their challenge and unlock a funded account. Comparing requirements can help traders select an optimal program.

- Resets and retries - Prop firms vary on if challenge retries or resets are allowed after failing an attempt. More tries can be beneficial while learning.

- Fee structures - Funded accounts also differ in profit split terms between trader and firm. Comparing fee structures can maximize potential gains.

By evaluating alternative EAs, manual trading approaches, and different prop firm accounts, traders can find the optimal path to getting a funded trading account. The Prop Firm Passing EA is one option, but exploring others can lead to the right fit.


Passing prop firm challenges can be difficult, but using automated EAs like the Prop Firm Passing EA can make the process easier. In this article, we've explored the key benefits of using this free MT4 EA:

- It's designed specifically to help traders pass prop firm evaluation and verification phases 

- Works across major prop firms like FTMO, MyForexFunds, TopstepFX, and more

- Automates proper risk management and position sizing

- Optimizes your trading strategy for consistent, low-drawdown performance 

The Prop Firm Passing EA is available for free download on , along with documentation on installing it and getting started. With the right tools and proper risk management, aspiring funded traders can improve their chances of passing prop firm challenges.

In closing, overcoming the strict evaluations required by prop firms is very achievable with automated trading solutions. The Prop Firm Passing EA takes the guesswork out of configuring your trades for the prop firm criteria. Stay disciplined in your trading approach and let automation handle the performance optimization. You have what it takes to join the ranks of successful funded traders. Onward!


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